For you to fully appreciate a movie, you must first learn the process that it takes to produce one. There are a lot of activities that happen behind the scene in the production of even the simplest movies. The stages include:

  • Development:

This is the first step towards coming up with a movie. It involves the creative process where a team brain storms on the story line. It is also here that budgets are set and audition for talents are done.

  • Pre-Production:

At the preproduction level, things like shooting, getting the right costumes and preparing the crew for their roles is done. If the development stage was thorough, preproduction will go on smoothly.

  • Production:

When it comes to production, there are some expensive movies that invested a lot of time and money. This stage is where the shooting of the movie is done.

  • Post-production

At the post production level, there will be editing and adding sound effects including music. It involves putting the production together and making it as real as possible.

  • Distribution

The last stage of making a movie is to find the right platform to distribute it. Most of the times, movie makers partner with theatres or agencies.